No Rugpull

75% of pre-sale BNB will be add to liquidity and locked by DxSale for 6 months.

Dump Prevention Mechanism

MoonSmart employ a new Dump Prevention Mechanism so the token’s price always increase!

Transparency and Trust!

MoonSmart believe that Trust is the most crucial part of every project so our project will make everything as Transparent as possible to increase the Trust of our investor.


Everyone fear of deflationary, and so do we. In order to prevent the MoonSmart token from deflationary, we’ve employed several methods:

  • Daily burn: 5% of total token will be burned daily in the first 7 days after launching
  • Dev token lock: Dev token will be locked for 15 days on dxsale
  • Pre-sale token lock: Only 10% of presale token are transferred to presale holder. The rest will be locked on dxsale and can only be unlocked under specific criteria.


For every transaction, these things will happen

Token Burned

5% token will be burned

The Longer You Hold,The More You Have

3% of token will be redistributed equally to all holders as a reward.

Automatic Liquidity Pool Adding

5% of token will be added into the liquidity pool.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $SMART tokens


01 May

Smart contract deployed & verified on BSCScan

Check our smart contract here

01 May

Run a marketing campaign on Reddit, Telegram and Twitter

In progress

02 May

Hold a shilling contest on Reddit, Telegram & Twitter

Join the contest here: https://t.me/moonsmart_ann/5

02 May

Milestone: Smart contract audit result

02 May

Hold a meme contest

Join the contest here: https://t.me/moonsmart_ann/11

03 May

Pre-sale on DxSale

😍Thanks everyone for participating in our pre-sale
🤗We reached hard cap in only 4hrs!

04 May

Pancakeswap v2 listing

$SMART token have been listed on Pancakeswap v2

at May 4 2021 2:00pm UTC

You can buy it here

04 May

Milestone: Reach 1000 holders

😍Reached 1000 holders just 1 hour after listing!!!

07 May

Milestone: Reach 5000 holders

💥5000 holders just 3 days since launched!!!

09 May

Big Giveaway to celebrate the first milestone

To Be Announced

17 May

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap listing

To Be Announced

18 May

More marketing campaign!

To Be Announced

24 May

Milestone: Reach 10000 holders and more!

To Be Announced


Let’s go to the moon together!